Transdermal vs microdermal transplants.


Not a lot of people(in my experience), don’t know the different between a transdermal and a microdermal implant. While aesthetically they look similar, they are pretty different.



For those who don’t know what transdermal or microdermal implants are, they are anchors implanted under the skin with a step sticking out of the surrounding skin where a ball or jewel can be screwed in. The top is interchangeable and can be changed after it’s healed completely.

images (1)

The picture above shows the shape of the microdermal jewelry and how it’s set in with a needle.


The microdermal implant jewelry has a foot shaped end on it which is what goes under the skin. Sometimes the “foot” will have holes in it to allow the skin to encompass the jewelry allowing it to heal and stay in the place better. The microdermal can be done two ways- with a regular needle or with a dermal punch.


The transdermal implant jewelry is flat at the bottom and circular, like so.



The skin around it generally heals like a normal piercings and it’s done with a dermal punch. Unlike the mircodermal, the transdermal doesn’t like to stay in the skin and will usually reject.


Click here to see a video of a dermal


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