Common Misconceptions in the world of Body Modification


So I have come across a lot of people lately who lack a great deal of knowledge about piercings/body modifications and now a days it’s more common to have people say they know certain things when, in fact, they do not.

There are a lot of misconceptions about body modifications and I will clear some of them up.

  • DO NOT for ANY reason, if you are doing an “at home” piercing, put ice on the spot you will be piercing. Your skin gets tense when it’s cold which will result in the piercing being MUCH more painful than if you were to not ice it. You know how when you stub your toes when they are cold and it hurts a lot more? That’s kind of how it is. HOWEVER, there are some instances where you can ice a piercing and that is afterwards. Icing, for example, a tongue piercing after you get it pierced reduces inflammation and swelling.
  • If you think just because you’ve never had a piercing get infected before does not mean any piercings you will get after those won’t get infected. Every single cut/scrape/wound you make on your body has the potential to get infected, whether you take good care of it or not. It all depends on the after care and the sanitation of the objects used during the piercing(ex. jewelry, the piercers hands, the needle..).
  • A lot of people think that getting pierced with a gun is quicker and simpler than getting it done at a shop with a needle but that is definitely NOT true. A professional piercer would NEVER use a gun as it is very damaging to your skin tissue and can increase the chance of infection by a lot.
  • I’ve heard of lot of people say that rotating your jewelry during the healing process helps. That is not true. Doing so essentially destroys all the gentle healing tissue and brings dirt and grime into the open wound. NEVER touch your jewelry while it’s healing. You should only touch it when you are cleaning it.
  • And lastly, do not over clean your piercing. A lot of people will say “If it gets infected, just clean it a whole bunch!” and that, unfortunately, never works. It causes a lot more irritation and makes the infection a lot worse. People who end up doing that eventually have to seek medical attention. Not all infections get that bad though.

In the body modification world the acronym L.I.T.H.A is used a lot. Which means, Leave It The Hell Alone! When modifying your body, you should always spend the time to research whatever you are planning to get done, find a good shop/person who is hygienic and knows what they are doing, and never rush something.


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