5 Most Modified Men and Women


There are a lot of heavily pierced, tattooed, modified men and women out there. A lot of whom are extremely interesting and have had extensive work done to them over many many years to achieve the look that they have now.

I couldn’t make a list of all the people because there are a LOT, so here are 5 men and women I found to be the most interesting.

5. Cindy Jackson


While she doesn’t look very “modified” Cindy Jackson, to this day, holds the record for most cosmetic surgery procedures than any other person in the Guinness Book of World Records. Since 1987, she has had 14 full scale operations done including 52 cosmetic procedures that include, facelifts, two nose jobs, eye lifts, knee, waist, thigh, and abdomen liposuction, jaw surgery, lip and cheek implants, chin bone reduction and chemical peels.


4. Erik Sprague aka Lizard Man 7236833680_d59cce995c

Best known for his lizard like appearance, Erik Sprague, not only has his entire body tattooed but has his teeth sharped, tongue split, sub-dermal implants in his forehead and even recently has his lips tattooed green. Erik does a number of acts in freak shows including sword swallowing, fire breathing, bead of nails and flesh hook suspension.

3. The Scary Guy


Born Earl Kenneth Kaufmann, this man has 85% of his body tattooed and is a British motivational speaker who travels around the world. He campaigns to eliminate bullying in school, hate, violence and prejudice. He also owns a tattoo shop.

2. Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy


Rick Genest is a Canadian actor, artist and fashion model with a full body of corpse tattoos. Before he had a single tattoo, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While on a waiting list for 6 months to get it surgically removed, he contemplated his life and own death a lot. He eventually had a very successful surgery.

1. Samppa Von Cyborg


Hailing from Tampere, this Finnish artist totally takes the cake for most interesting modded man. While he doesn’t have very many body modifications and hold no records, he has made and produced his very own jewelry line called Cyber Cell Collection, models, does graphic design, and pretty much takes what you already know about body modification and completely reinvents it.

downloaddownload (1)imagesCyber_Cell_Jewellery_14_by_SamppaVonCyborg


Flesh Coil


Flesh Plating


Mad Max Bar

He has pioneered many of today’s well-known modifications including the mad max bar, flesh stapling, flesh plating, flesh coil and

revolutionized approaches to ear modification, with multiple piercings interconnected with custom jewelry, like so:57054aro

Most of the jewelry he will custom make and is willing to work with his clients to come up with something that works for them. You can check out his website here which will give you his biography, contact info, and other fun tidbits about him.


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