Vincent Casiglia/Blood Paintings


I know this isn’t body modification but I found out about blood painting when researching Samppa Von Cyborg from my last blog post. He does paintings with his own blood along with another really talented artist, Vincent Castiglia.

Vincent is 32 years old and lives in Brooklyn, New York. He’s an American painter who exclusively paints in human blood, specifically his own. A lot of his paintings are said to be graphic, nightmarish or creepy(not considering that fact he uses blood to paint them). His paintings are monochromatic tableau which exam life, death, and human condition. A lot of his themes are about the symbiosis of birth and death, transience of man,  and the pitfalls of morality.




“The Sleep”



Using blood as his medium, Vincent creates this unusual connection to himself and his work. Having used his blood, his art is essentially a part of him. Decomposition and decay are a very big part of life and in his paintings he shows exactly that. transition-22x30-blood-iron-oxide-on-archival-paper-efbfbd-2006-vincent-castiglia-collection-adam-wilburncastiglia4Vincent Castiglia’s paintings are absolutely fascinating and are definitely worth checking out. He is an incredibly talented artist who has taken art and completely transformed it with this odd(but amazing) medium.

Check out this video here for a short interview and a good look at all of his work! 🙂


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