Old School Tattoos


Tattoos have been around since 1700’s but wasn’t a mainstream thing until the 1970’s. There are a TON of different tattooing styles, be it new school, realism, black and white, but my favorite of them all is the Old School style of tattooing. It is a Western/traditional American style featuring bold black lines and a limited color palette.

In the 50’s-60’s it was almost completely unheard of to sport a tattoo, but by the 70’s-80’s getting heavily tattooed became a big mark for the punk culture and their, sort of, disdain for conformity. A lot of the popular Old School tattoos were of hearts with banners, anchors, pin up girls, swallows/sparrows, navy related, eagle, dagger, rose and star tattoos.

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Sailor Jerry 3

“Sailor Jerry”


Herbert Hoffman


Bert Grimm


Bob Shaw

Norman Keith Collins, better known as Sailor Jerry, was the pioneer for the Old School style(in my opinion) although there are a lot other brilliant artist who contributed to the Old School movement. Herbert Hoffman, Bert Grimm and Bob Shaw are some examples.


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