Job Discrimination Due To Body Modification.


A lot of companies try and build this perfect image to put a face on their company that inspires trust and confidence in its clients and a lot of it is discriminating to those who have any sort of body modification.

tattoo with suit

We associate different tattoos with certain types of people. Ex: neck tattoos with prison inmates, biceps tattoos with bikers, lip/eyebrow piercings with bullies and stretched ears with high school drop outs/punks. This concept is entirely flawed. One of the main reasons is, that we look at these people and automatically assume they are “dangerous”, “intimidating”, “rude”, or “impolite”.


This paranoia isn’t just about pierced and tattooed people but also those who chose to color their hair unnatural colors, different styles that may not be the social norm and different types of makeup(woman as well as men). Mainstream society is TERRIFIED of anything that isn’t the social norm that includes the people who don’t look the part and tend to think it’s unprofessional to stray from that norm. Hence the job discrimination. Body modifications are no longer suggestive of the condemned pseudo-criminal.


So why is there still discrimination towards these people in the job world? How does our perception of these people change when a tattoo or piercing is visible? If two people are interviewed for the same job and one has a nose piercing, a very visible piercing, and the other has a genital/nipple piercing(s), obviously not visible, why would the person with the non-visible piercing get the job over the person with the visible piercing? Even if the pierced person was more qualified or experienced?

The general public, especially employers, do not want to confront the conflicting cultural archetypes that our society has built up, which causes us to view others and judge them based off of their appearance.


In my opinion, job discrimination because of the way a person is wishing to present themselves is not only flawed but is incredibly stupid. People can still look “professional” without having to cover up or hide their body art.


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