Corset Piercings


There isn’t much to this type of modification. It is what it sounds like, two rows of surface piercings laced together with ribbon on various parts of the body ranging from the back, sides, arms and back of the legs. The process is done like any other surface piercing is done by pinching the skin and pushing the needle through the skin and inserting a ring, usually a captive ring.

sick dogs tattoo surface piercing 90Corset_piercing_Arm_by_Kastrosama

Corset_piercing_11_by_Kastrosama Side-Corset-Piercing-5

The areas are marked and then begins the long, grueling process of piercing them all! Every part of the body it’s done on will bleed just like any other piercing and these piercings are usually only temporary as most people don’t want to take the time to make sure they are clean and heal correctly. It’s hard cleaning piercings on your back yourself! They CAN be permanent though IF you’re willing to take that extra time.


Like any other surface piercing, these have a nasty habit of rejecting. A piercing rejection is cause by either an allergic reaction to the jewelry or an infection. The skin will see this as a harm and slowly push the jewelry out of the part of your body it’s in


If all goes well you should have a beautiful set of piercings that can laced up an infinite amount of ways. 🙂

dcce80ddeab20717bb68c8fc9d0167a1 6f5be2ec6b84d0ce9ba22fe37e97c5c1 corset-piercing-back-body-tattoos-for-girls 068


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