In the spirit of fall coming, with fall there comes, probably the best holiday ever, HALLOWEEN! Not only is it MY favorite holiday(and my birthday 😉 ), it’s almost most of Americas. Going around and collecting candy from strangers seems like an odd holiday and an odd thing to celebrate but the origins really have nothing to do with candy.

The origins of Halloween dates back to ancient Celtic festival Samhain(pronounced sow-in). The Celts lived 2,000 in what is now Ireland and celebrated their New Year on November 1st which marked the day that summer and harvest ended and the beginning of winter was coming, a time of the year often associated with death. The Celts thought that the night before the  New Year, the boundary of the worlds of the living and the dead were blurred and the spirits would walk the earth during this time. It was also thoughts that during the time that the spirits roamed the earth the Druids and Celtics priests could easier predict prophesies about the future(the Celts were dependent on the volatile natural world and these prophesies were important to them).

The Celts would light huge bonfires and burn commodities as sacrifices to the spirits, wear costumes while dancing around the  fire and try to tell their fortunes. As time past and Ireland was taken over by the Roman Empire, the tradition changed frequently and even more when the influence of Christianity was spread all throughout the Celts.

When the tradition came to America it was mostly the same other than it was all about the parties and celebrations and telling ghost stories. It became more and more popular to dress up and soon people began going from door to door asking for food and money and causing mischief(what’s known today as trick-or-treating).

There is a lot of very interesting and fun facts about the history and coming of Halloween. This post would be 3,000 words if I kept talking about it but I greatly encourage you to, if you are interest, look up more!!


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